All orders are acknowledged by fax or email. Contact factory if you do not receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours. It is your responsibility to contact the factory immediately with any discrepancies.


Artwork may be submitted in electronic format. Please include your company name and purchase order number on all artwork sent. All artwork is kept on file for no longer than 24 months. Providing artwork larger than actual size will allow us to reduce it and will provide a better-finished product. Electronic Artwork may be submitted via disk (DVD, CD) or email. We accept both Macintosh and PC files. Our email address is: Please observe the following guidelines:

  1. Please include your company name and purchase order number on all artwork sent. Choose a file name that relates to the artwork such as the purchase order number.
  2. Our preferred format is Vector EPS. If you cannot provide your artwork as a PDF, then send a hard copy or raster version of your art (JPG, TIF, BMP) so that we can compare the two and make sure your artwork is not altered in any way when opened.
  3. Acceptable file formats: Please remember to convert all fonts to outlines- Vector EPS (our preferred format)
    • AI - Adobe Illustrator
    • EPS - Encapsulated Postscript
    • PSD - PhotoShop Document
    • TIF - Tagged Image File
  4. If your art does not comply with these specifications, please submit what is available. We will make every attempt to convert your artwork to one of these formats. If we are unable to produce your order from submitted artwork, we will contact you and offer solutions. Art charges may apply to convert art to appropriate formats.
  5. If you would like to place an order but do not have sufficient artwork, we have a staff of artists who can perform cleanup or recreate art for no additional charge. If utilizing this service, please note that production time does not begin until art proofs have been approved.


Items found to be printed incorrectly due to Printed Sign Solutions error will be replaced at no charge when returned within 60 days from receipt of item. Printed Sign Solutions will provide Return Authorization labels. Unauthorized returns will be returned to the sender and billed for freight. A credit will not be issued for merchandise that is unavailable to be returned to Printed Sign Solutions.


All orders are considered firm, and cannot be canceled without approval from Printed Sign Solutions. Written documentation must be sent to confirm the cancellation. Upon receiving the documentation, a $20.00 (G) charge will apply in addition to cost of dies, logo, screens, artwork, including all material produced.


Color chart


A charge of $45.00 (G) applies to all corrections received after the screen, plate, or cut has been made. Corrections are not possible on orders that have been printed.


Distributors will receive "End Quantity Price" (EQP) less 20% on all Printed Sign Solutions catalog items for self promotion. Set up charges up to $45.00 (G) are waived. Distributor's imprint must be included.


An additional charge of $15.00 (G) applies to each drop shipment per order.


All orders received by fax, email or other methods are subject to a daily cut off time. The cut off time for regular production orders is 12:00 noon, Mountain. Any orders received thereafter will be considered orders for the following day. All orders faxed will be considered the original purchase order. The legibility of faxed orders will be the responsibility of the distributor. Printed Sign Solutions is not responsible for any fax malfunction that would affect receipt of the order or omitted information on the order. All faxed orders requiring artwork WILL NOT BE SCHEDULED TO SHIP until the actual artwork is received and approved.


All shipments are F.O.B. CO, 80214, unless otherwise noted. Shipping and handling charges will be applied to the invoice. Shipments received in CO are subject to sales tax.


All orders using third party shipping numbers will incur a $7.50 (Z) handling fee per invoice, excluding sample orders.


The imprint will be set for best appearance at our discretion using the maximum imprint area, unless specified on the purchase order. SHADING; A dot pattern will be used to simulate shading on imprinted products. We utilize screen frequencies as low as 35 LPI and up to 65 LPI depending on product, product color, ink color, and imprint method.


A charge of $35.00 (G) will apply to all items in the catalog per ink change.


Unless credit has been established, payment is required at the time the order is received. Payments may be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cashier's check or money order. Production will not begin until payment is received in full. Checks require a ten day waiting period. A service charge of $50.00 (Z) will be charged on all returned checks. All first orders will require pre-payment.


Printed Sign Solutions cannot assume liability on non-fulfillment of orders caused by the inability to obtain raw material, due to embargoes, strikes, fires, or other causes beyond our control.


A 5% over or under on orders will be invoiced for the exact quantity shipped. Orders requiring an exact count will be charged $35.00 (G). Charges apply to each drop shipment.


Logos used in our catalog and/or web site are for illustrative purposes ONLY. The logos DO NOT imply endorsements; nor does the owner of such design expressly authorize any items with these specific logos for sale to anyone.


Printed Sign Solutions prints with coated inks only. We will try to match your requested PMS color as closely as possible for a charge of $45.00 (G). Printed Sign Solutions cannot guarantee PMS color matching.


Catalog pricing is subject to change without notice, see for current pricing. All large quantity quotes are to be requested by fax, or email and must be referred to on the purchase order. Price discrepancies on your order less than $50.00 will be processed without notice.


Printed Sign Solutions has attempted to portray product colors and standard imprint colors in the catalog as accurately as is possible; however, because of color reproduction in printing, as well as color shift in web and monitor display, the product and imprint color may differ slightly from the catalog and web site. If clarification of product and imprint color is required, please call.


Production time begins when:


Digital proofs will be provided for all production runs. Proofs must be email or faxed back approved before production will begin.


Re-orders will follow the same procedure as the first run with proofs and production times.


Samples up to $10.00 are available at no charge with your shipper number. Blank samples are unavailable, however random samples are available for some items. Samples cannot be returned for credit.


Contact Factory


All order acknowledgments indicate an estimated ship date. This date may change depending on the current production schedule. If your order has a firm "in hands" date, note this clearly on your purchase order and the appropriate ship date will be scheduled accordingly.


All shipping weights found within this catalog are estimated and may vary slightly. All orders should specify a "ship to" address. If the "ship to" address is not specified, it will default to the address of the Distributor. All orders should specify an "IN HANDS" date including the shipment method. If the shipping method is not specified, Printed Sign Solutions reserves the right to ship by whatever means necessary to meet the "In Hands" date. Gold Bond does not guarantee delivery by any freight carrier. The distributor must initiate any claim with the carrier immediately. All orders using third party shipping numbers will incur a $7.50 (Z) handling fee per invoice, excluding sample orders.


An additional charge of $15.00 (G) applies for each split shipment.


Verbal orders are not accepted by telephone. Please submit all orders via mail, fax, e-mail or on web site.


Due to the dynamics of independently supported web sites, we recommend verification of all product offerings and prices at our web site: Printed Sign Solutions cannot be held liable for inaccurate information on third party web sites or search engines.